Canine Network News

Canine Network News
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Canine Network News. Daily news focusing on canine wellness and animal welfare. A part of the Canine National Network, Atlanta, Georgia.

Canine Network News

CNN – Canine Network News. The magazine features daily Wellness & Welfare articles, rescue & adoption canines available at shelters or rescue groups, food recall notices, the latest news in pet food, veterinary articles, and local & national canine events.

And of course lots of Canine pictures.

Our community outreach program is the Green Pets America Charities Pet Food Pantry, Atlanta, Georgia. The first home delivery Pet Food Pantry in America, founded in 1999.

Canine Network News

The Canine Network News Studio and Magazine will be focusing on

Canine Wellness & Welfare.

The Canine National News is supported by the Green Pets America Charities Humane Society. Founded in 2001. A 501c3 nonprofit charity registered as Green Pets America Charities, Atlanta Georgia. They are Gold Star Guidestar rated and in the top 1% of nonprofits.Green Pets America nonprofit home delivery Pet Food Pantry is the first home delivery Pet Foof Pantry in America, and is now one of the few Virtual Pet Food Pantries as well.

How We Help

When Covid first hit in 2020 we had to close as all retail businesses were ordered to do. But there was such a heavy demand from our community for help feeding their dogs that we reopened as a Virtual Pet Food Pantry.

How Virtual Works

Today we are a Virtual Pet Food Pantry. People contact us after learning about us from a local community animal shelter, pet rescue, ad or our social media or website.

We discuss what brand and specific type of food they are feeding their dogs or cat. We do not want to change their diet unless it needs to be changed to healthier food.

We then order it on Amazon and ship it directly to their front door in 2 days by Amazon Prime. We ship a 30 or 60-day supply depending on our current funds. It costs us more this way but it is kinda the new normal.

You Can Help

By donating to on our website.
Thank you for caring for our beloved companion animals. Steven Monahan, Founder Executive Director.

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