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Let’s Help and Donate to our Pet Food Pantries

At Green Pets America – and our Fresh Meals 4 Pets Pantry, we know the needs of all communities for pet food for families especially in times like now. We are sharing this uplifting article to make you aware of the critical need right now to donate to Pet Food Pantries in your community. NORFOLK, […]


This article is on feeding senior dogs 7 tips. As your once puppy now enters his or her golden years, some things will inevitably change. He’ll still be your best friend, of course, and the vacuum will always be his nemesis. But just like us human animal’s canine animals’ health needs change a bit as […]

Clean Pet

Welcome to Clean The trust factor. The demand for honesty and transparency in the  foods we purchase for ourselves and for our pets has given rise to distrust of large food companies, said Steve Monahan Founder and Executive Director of Green Pets America Charities, Atlanta, Georgia. Today we are seeing an explosion of interest in fresh foods, […]

How to Help Your Pet Live Longer

 Learn How to Help Your Pet Live Longer.  HOW YOUR PET AGES  Free radicals cause altered gene expression and damage to our pets. This damage leads to oxidative stress and inflammation, which is associated with our pets aging and disease. Fortunately, however, Mother Nature provides a very powerful weapon against this free radical aging process […]