Green Pet Village Think Disney For Pets

Green Pet Village Think Disney For Pets

Green Pet Village, Think Disney For Pets. Learn about this bold and audacious green idea which will one day crisscross America.

Green Pets America has authored many white papers on behalf of our people, planet and pets. Our latest white paper outlines how we will advance to a higher level of compassion and care in animal sheltering in America. 

Green Pet Village advances the management of animal shelters from  government control to a NGO, non government model of both care and funding .

This twenty first century model successfully brings an end to underfunded shelters. This change to NGO led animal shelters, versus today’s government, law enforcement led animal shelters solves once and for all the decades ignored homeless animals crisis, and the euthanization of two million pets every year in America. 

Green Pet Village Think Disney For Pets

Each green designed and built Disney-esque Village will be a multi acre, multi services, multi million dollar NGO owned and managed community animal center.  Each Green Pet Village will include a no kill adoption center, be anchored by a national pet store, along with a myriad of retail pet boutiques.

Additionally on each multi acre community destination site there will be a state of the art veterinary facility, pet hotel, pet grooming store, pet friendly restaurants, and a multi acre indoor and outdoor pet event facility.

Green Pet Villages, from Green Pets America Charities, is a bold and audacious green idea, but one day soon green designed and constructed Green Pet Villages will crisscross the United States. Why? because a new green day for animal welfare has come. Today’s pet parents are compassionate, and accepting only the most compassionate care for their companion animals. And the greenest environmentally constructed centers for their communities.

Green Pet Village Think Disney For Pets
Think Disney for Pets & Pet Parents


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