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Hi, I’m Steven Monahan, an animal welfare educator, planting seeds and spreading knowledge, benefiting humankind, animals and our shared environment. Creator and licensee organizer of TEDxDupreePark, greater Atlanta, author, founder of Green Pets America Charities, and former fortune 100 executive.

After surviving a terminal illness my perspective on life; and with that my  purpose dramatically awakened.  I left the corporate world as a fortune 100 executive, and created a green, organic focused people and pets nonprofit food pantry. We named it Fresh Meals 4 Pets. It is a meals on wheels for pets program. We deliver food to those who cold not get it themselves, shut in, poor and ill.

A few years later we expanded our mission and added a death row shelter rescue group.  Our focus was rescuing death row shelter dogs. We pulled shelter dogs on the shelters red list: the dogs that were not adopted and scheduled to be killed in three days. We rescued them from the shelter, vetted them, trained them, moved them to safe foster homes, and then  adopted them into loving homes. We named this journey back home; “Rescue, Renew, Rehome”

Having survived a near death experience myself I was drawn to help death row dogs receive the mercy of a second chance at life as well. 

Green Pets America Today

Today, the Green Pets America focus is not only feeding the family pets of families in financial need, but continuing our program of Rescue Renew Rehome, adopting shelter dogs and rescued dogs as well. And through our Green Pets Magazine and our educational educational events such as our upcoming TEDx Talk in Atlanta the area. we educate on the benefits to society to enriching our relations with our companion animals and all species who we share this symbiotic relationship called life.

And we have expanded our vision to not only save our shelter dogs but all endangered species as well.

 Through our upcoming TEDxDupreePark Talks we’ll share these and other great ideas with the world. We are moved and motivated by an ancient Greek saying that talks to the human hunger to seed greatness for future generations: “Great societies grow and flourish when old men seed for the future and plant trees they know they will never get to sit under”

green pets america

Green Pets America Charities: seeding greatness

Heart stick euthanisia
A dogs life should never end like this. Dog being dragged to be euthanized .

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