Green Pets America Charities, now operating as AHIMSA HUMANE SOCIETY was founded in 2000 in Atlanta Ga. Gold Star Rated. Top 1% of all nonprofits

We promote nonviolence, no kill towards all sentient beings: From our companion animals to factory farm animals, wild animals, and endangered species.

We follow the path of Ahimsa the ancient Sanskrit word in Buddhism, Hindu, and Jainism for nonviolence. Ahimsa was taught by Mahatma Gandhi. Living each day with the highest respect for all living things in nonviolence & peace.

It is an illusion and denial of history to continue to think that the threat of violence and use of war will ever bring about peace. Yet for so long, our world has repeated the failed narrative that weapons keep us safe, and that small wars prevent big wars. As wishful and tempting that narrative, it has never worked. It has failed in ancient and modern history. History always shows that War brings War. And that Only Peace Brings Peace.

So what can be the new story to replace Violence? It is the story of Non-Violence. A new story that mankind is capable of resolving conflicts without violence, war, death, and destruction.

A new Story that our imagination, our consciousness, and our minds; not threats of violence are more powerful than any physical weapons and threats of War.

To uphold this new story of higher consciousness and thinking, we need to overcome our own apathy, doubt, and sense of powerlessness as human beings.

The human mind and higher consciousness are the force of life itself

Steven Monahan

With that consciousness and higher thinking, we must also act. We must live our life fully at the edge, with the highest respect for all living things and the avoidance of violence toward all life. Nonviolence is not appeasement. It is not settling. It is action!.

We must not be timid but act fearlessly and decisively to change the world. At times this will bring us to the edge. We must be confident and prepared to go to that edge; jump and create wings on the way down. We have done it before in our lives and we can do it again. We will act as if our souls depend on it ..because, in the end, they will.

To bridge today’s interregnum. We must act to cross the treacherous void between the old and the new. Creating a new world of nonviolence for humanity, animals, and our planet. Starting anew from the ashes of the Phoenix. A higher consciousness that no longer destroys its planet; its lands, soil, trees, people, and animals. A world that no longer starts violent wars kills millions of people and violently kills 6 billion land animals, and billions of Ocean animals each year. 

We must act as a unified mind that believes the failed violent experiment of the last decades called Factory Farming, violent Animal shelters, and intensive and destructive agriculture farming can be achieved.

Join us in this bold new world to bring about a world of nonviolence. A kinder, more conscious, and vibrant world of green forests, blue waters, and clear skies. A peaceful world where all sentient beings live together as one.


Seven Steps of Nonviolence

1 MINDFULNESS: Daily mindfulness, yoga, or prayer on nonviolence and peace. Do so and you will live in Awe and Wonder each moment.

2. SALTO MORTALE – Leap into the Void. You will never be ready. Take the risk and do it anyway

3. INTENTIONAL LIVING. Living an intentional and creative life of love and nonviolence towards humanity,  animals, and the Planet.

4. FOOD. Do not follow the crowd. Eat vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based eating.

5. ECOLOGY/ NATURE. Take bold actions to end violence to all animals of factory farming and factory agriculture.

6. COMPANION ANIMALS. Go to the edge. Jump and create wings on the way down. Upset the norm to end the violence and euthanizations of shelter animals. 

7. BE A LEADER. Do not be a follower. You’ve been given a mile. Don’t take only an inch.

Join us in this bold new world. We have followed the path and the breadcrumbs for many many years, and now at our transition. Together we will cross over to a kinder, more conscious, nonviolent vibrant world of green forests, clear waters, and blue skies. A world where all sentient beings live together as one in peace and nonviolence.

Ahimsa Humane Society Manifesto

There are two ways to view today’s humanity. Hopeful or Fearful. We see Hopeful. We see conscious people who are bridging today’s interregnum. Creating each day, a world of peace and nonviolence towards humanity, animals, and our planet.

Steven Monahan, Founder Executive Director, Green Pets America Charities.


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