seeding greatness

Green Pets America Charities – Seeding Greatness

Green Pets America Charities’ mission is seeding greatness. Seeding ideas for a better today, and planting trees for a greener tomorrow.

Green Pets America Charities is a nonprofit founded in 2007 by Steven Monahan. Steven was a fortune 100 executive. In 2007 he was told by the doctors he had three months to live. Something miraculous happened, and he is still here. His life is now devoted to seeding greatness for the wellbeing of our planet, animals, and people.

Green Pets America is the patron Sponsor for TEDx Dupree Park. Our theme is Seeding Greatness. Steven Monahan is the licensee and organizer of this event.

The 2020 Global Virtual Event will be held December 5th and 6th.

The 2021 Global Live event will be held live in the greater Atlanta area in Late summer; assuming COVID guidelines allow live large event attendence.

Please visit our website for info and see our speakers profiles.


seeding greatness
Steven Monahan – TEDx Dupree Park Stage.

Seeding Greatness

seeding Greatness