Green Pets America Charities

Green Pets America Charities

Hi, I’m Steven Monahan, Founder-Executive Director of Green Pets America Charities. 

Green Pets America Charities Mission

End the euthanization of four -million homeless dogs in America every year. The origin of our animal welfare organization is based on my love of animals and desire to provide a second chance at life for death row shelter dogs. I survived a terminal illness and felt compelled to help death row dogs receive the mercy of a second chance at life as I received.

We are an animal welfare nonprofit founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2007. We are IRS Certified . We’ve been recognized by the State of Georgia and other entities for our work for to save companion animals.

In the past 10 years, we have rescued, renewed and rehomed death row shelter animals throughout Georgia. Dog Food has been donated to places like Papa’s Pantry, Must Ministries, and The Cherokee Animal Shelter. Additionally, we delivered pet food to families directly…through our Meals Fur Pets program, the first pet food meals via wheels nonprofit helping needy families keep their pets with them when the tough times hit.

Green Pets America Charities
Woodstock Georgia K9 Unit

We’ve honored our Police K9s by providing a fenced safe rest area at the Woodstock police station for a K9 outdoor “Break Room”.  With a large fenced space to relax the K-9’s no longer have to sit in a police cruiser for an extended time period while their handler completes arrest paperwork at the police station. Our police K9’s are on the job protecting us 24/7 and Green Pets America believes we all should love and celebrate these working officers, with the dignity, honor, and respect they deserve.

At Green Pets America Charities we listen to families and their individual needs. It may be helping with funds to pay for routine veterinary care for a beloved pet. Or emergency care when a dog or cat is injured.  It even means providing resources for spay and neutering.

Additionally Green Pets America provides education and workshops on feeding your pets fresh natural food for a long and happy life. See our Fresh Meals 4 Pets for details on our health natural eating plan of fruits and vegetables and fresh carnivore diet.

fresh meals 4 pets

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