green pets global

Green Pets Global Vision

The Green Pets Global Vision is the stabilization in the short term of companion animal killing in America. And total no kill of companion animals in the longer run. Finally with the longer-term restructuring of animal welfare in America, Europe and finally to legislate the end of killing companion animals Globally.

The Green Pets Global Vision is international in outlook but requires action at local, regional, national and global levels. Focusing first on the specific needs of ending the killing of companion animals in America to an interlocking programme that will spread to Europe and then globally.

green pets globalGreen Pets Global was founded in 2007 in America in Atlanta Georgia as Green Pets America. GPA is a 5 Star and Gold Star rated animal welfare organization, and recognized by the State of Georgia for implementing no kill and rescuing and adopting local shelter pets and helping families in financial need feed and care for their family pets. In 2016 with the opening of Green Pets Europe we changed our name to Green Pets Global.