New Canine National Network Announced

Canine Network News

New Canine National Network Announced. Exciting new Canine Network and News Studio and Magazine coming this month. CNN – Canine National Network.

Their Flagship magazine is named CNN – Canine Network News. The magazine will feature daily Wellness & Welfare articles, rescue & adoption canines, and local & national canine events.

New Canine National Network Announced

CNN – Canine National Network & Canine Network News.

In addition, the Canine Network will host animal rescue & adoption, and Spay & Neuter events. And for the whole family wellness and agility events, and canine and other animal fun-focused events.

The Canine Network News Studio and Magazine will be focusing on

Canine Wellness & Welfare. The Canine National Network is supported by the Green Pets Humane Society. Founded in 2001. A 501c3 nonprofit charity registered as Green Pets America Charities, Atlanta Georgia. Founder and Executive Director, Steven Monahan. They are Guidestar rated in the top 1% of nonprofits. Gold Star Rated.

Future of sheltering

Community Shelter Centers – Without Cages – Foster Homes Only
Canine Network News

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By Steven Monahan

Steven Monahan is a Mentor and the licensee and creator of TEDx Dupree Park. He is a retired fortune 100 executive, who after surviving a terminal illness became an animal welfare philanthropist. He is the founder and executive director of the Seeding Greatness Foundation, and Green Pets America Charities.

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