Operation Hercules Animals in Afghanistan

Operation Hercules Animals in Afghanistan

Operation Hercules Animals in Afghanistan. This is a continuation of our ongoing story on the rescue dogs left behind at Kabul Airport on August 31, 2021. Yes, the American Animal Rescuer and 250 animals are still in Afghanistan. Around the world, people have been anxiously watching the situation in Afghanistan unfold and change rapidly. The mandatory August 31st evacuation date has now passed, which will make any future evacuation efforts increasingly more difficult and dangerous.

One of the individuals that has had much attention during this crisis is Charlotte Maxwell-Jones, an American, who founded Kabul Small Animal Rescue in Afghanistan. Despite recommendations from the US government and threats from the Taliban, Maxwell-Jones refused to leave Afghanistan without the 40 people on her rescue staff and their 250 animals. The evacuation mission, called “Operation Hercules,” received hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations and support from Humane Societies across America .#AhimsaHumaneSocietyWoodstockGeorgia#OperationHercules



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