Pandemic Pets

Pandemic Pets for a year it has been wonderful in that most shelter pets have not been euthanized. With the pandemic, people have been working and spending most of their time at home. Many wanted a loving pet with them and went out in droves to “Rescue and Rehome” a shelter dog or cat.

Well, now that we are all getting out again those same people are going back to work and taking their new family member back to the shelter. “Pandemic Pets” are being returned to shelters and overwhelming our shelters again.

If this returning Pandemic Pets issue continues in 2021 animal shelters will once again be euthanizing dogs and cats in droves. Please do not return your pets. Please figure a way to keep them. Follow our articles on “Pandemic Pets” at and learn ways to save your new family member from being returned to the shelter and euthanized.

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Green Pets America


HOW TO ADOPT A RETIRING K9 MILITARY DOG. Green Pets America Charities was founded in 2007. Our mission is to find homes for all dogs. Here is a detailed article on how to adopt a retiring military dog.


Military dog adoption uniquely allows civilians to rehome military working dogs. Military working dogs are also known as, MWD. In brief, these dogs are especially unique as they’re retired from serving.

Notably retired from duty, military working dogs are now on a special mission, by all means, to find a forever home. To point out, before 2000, military war dogs were euthanized or given to an allied army. In 2000, President Clinton significantly signed a law approving military dog adoption.

Military Working Dogs May Have:
Assisted in law enforcement.
Helped in agricultural tasks.
Helped with bomb-sniffing.
Aided with search and rescue.
Served as mission scouts.
Completed war tasks.
Helped in drug detection.
Worked as field or training dogs.
Employed as therapy dogs.

Military Dog Adoption FAQs

QUESTION: Do military working dogs have a set of skills?

ANSWER: Yes and as a result of the inability of performing those learned skills, consequently military dogs are no longer cut out for military lifestyles.

QUESTION: Do retired military working dogs still receive military benefits?

ANSWER: All in all, after a military dog is adopted, MWDs lose benefits. In other words, pet parents considering military dog adoption are responsible for any health issues.

QUESTION: Is military working dog adoption available through the U.S. Air Force site?

ANSWER: Considering military working dog adoption? In that case, speak to a US Air Force representative.

Military Working Dog Foster Program: (210) – 671 – 3686

Military Working Dog Adoptions Program: (210) – 671 – 3153

QUESTION: Does a military dog adoption entail rehabilitation of the canine?

ANSWER: In effect, many military dogs retire with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. For this reason, they need a safe and neutral environment.

QUESTION: Don’t all military working dogs need homes upon retirement?

ANSWER: Surprisingly, 90% of MWDs end up with their handlers. After which, a few military working dogs are available for the most part available for adoption.

QUESTION: Should I expect retired military working dogs to be a particular breed and young?

ANSWER: Overall the available MWDs for working dog adoption are altogether between 10 and 12 years old. To be noted, German Shepards, Labrador Retrievers, and Belgian Malinois are popular.


Retired Service Dog Adoption Process

Military dog adoption is possible, although it is necessary to practice patience and specifically follow the rules.

1.) Check the Mission K9 Rescue website: for their availability of MWDs.

2.) Review the adoption forms and answer all of the questions appropriately.

3.) Meet Expectations: In brief, most MWD dogs aren’t for kids under five years old. Due to each facility’s requirements, to be noted, you must meet their standards. In specific, TSA requires a fenced yard, no intention to move within six months, adherence to ordinances, medical, and training.

4.) Visit a Facility: Given these points, make an appointment to visit a facility in the hope to interact with a MWD.

5.) Rehome a MWD: Interested in adopting a military working dog and in particular, learning more about military dog adoption? Call the Lackland Air Force site.

6.) Pick up your MWD: For one thing, bring a crate and a leash for your MWD’s safe transit.

Items a pet parent may need for their MWD in the long run:

  • MWD adoption application
  • Leash
  • Dog crate
  • Identification

Meet the MWD Adoption Suitability Checklist:

  • Past Experience: That is to say, do you have prior experience with dogs?
  • Fenced Yard: In particular, is there a secured fenced yard in your home? If not, how will the dog get exercise and go to the toilet?
  • Background Check: Provide two forms of identification and two references.
  • Describe Tenants: In detail, provide everyone’s age and describe any other pets.
  • Do You Rent Or Own:If renting, given these points, provide reasonable proof of your landlord’s consent to have a dog.
  • Explain the Dog’s Details: With attention to the dog, where will he sleep at your home? How frequently will he be home alone? For this reason, where will he stay when you’re gone?
  • Provide Vet’s Details: That is to say provide the contact information for your Veterinarian.


  1. Shorten Your Wait Time: If you’re open to adopting any breed.
  2. Learn Proper Handling Techniques: Generally speaking, military working dogs have around $40,000 to $50,000 worth of training to certainly ensure their thorough preparation for duty. Speak to the facility with attention to proper handling techniques.
  3. Honor thy Word: To explain, federal law particularly prosecutes MWD contracts that aren’t honored.
  4. Waived Adoption Fee: Another key point important to realize is that the pet parent is responsible for travel cost.
  5. Military and Police Handler Preference: The original dog handler specifically has priority in adoptions whenever possible.

Retired Military Adoption Sites

To sum up, these notable military and law enforcement sites are tremendous in spirit and service. In sum, they provide civilians as well as Vets with retired service dogs adoptions.

1.) – In this case, is an active military and law enforcement working dog rescue.

2.) – In detail, ultimately allows users the ability to specifically check out TSA adoption possibilities.

3.) – On the whole, is markedly pairing PTSD veterans along with retired military service dogs.

Woodstock Georgia K9 Unit

Green Pets America helps military and police dogs. We donated $1,000.00 tom the Woodstock, Ga Police K9 unit to build a expansive protected outdoor pen behind the police facilities, so their k9’s did not have to sit in a hot patrol cruisers while their handlers completed daily paperwork.

Green Pets America is a 501c3 nonprofit charity. Founded in Georgia in 2007. In the top 1% of all charities in America. Guidestar Gold Rated.


Picture k9 Dog

Cryptocurrency for Dog Lovers

K9 Coin org logo

What the heck is K9 COIN. Cryptocurrency for Dog Lovers? Do dogs pay capital gains?

No, it’s the K9 Challenge-Adopt a retired K9 Hero. Adopt a Military Dog

A adoption awareness campaign of Green Pets America Charities-


“I will lay down my life for you and expect nothing but love in return. I protect all officers with my life, and would gladly take a bullet in their place. I am sent in to find lost children and fugitives on the run. I am first sent in and often the last to leave. I protect and serve and would die for any and all officers. I only ask for love and care.” 

Donating to K9’s

Green Pets America Charities supports our hero officers and K9’s. Green Pets donated $1,000,00 to the Woodstock Police to build an outside fenced Kennel for their three K9’s. This allowed the officers to put their K9’s safe in the protected pens, not locked up in the car while the officers completed paperwork at headquarters.

Woodstock Georgia K9 Unit
Woodstock, Georgia K9 Unit

Photo- Darleen Prem

Lyrics to Ahimsa Song By U2

Lyrics to Ahimsa Song By U2

Here are the lyrics Lyrics to Ahimsa Song By U2. Ahimsa is an ancient Indian Sanskrit work meaning: Nonviolence, love and care for all living things. Mahatma Gandhi is universally known for his nonviolence beliefs and stands. Bono and U2 also practice the do no harm philosophy of nonviolence.

Lyrics to Ahimsa Song By U2

I’ll meet you where the sky is torn
I’ll meet you in the air
I’ll meet you before the world was born
When we had not a care

This is an invitation
To a high location
From someone who wants to belong
This is a meditation
On your radio station
If you like it, you can sing along

I’ll meet you where there is no weeping
Your tears are not a stream
I’ll meet you where there is no sleeping
Where we wake up to dream

This is an invitation
To a high location
From someone who wants to belong
This is a meditation
On your radio station
If you like it, you can sing along

Lyrics to Ahimsa Song by U2 and YouTube Video

Lyrics to Ahimsa Song By U2

Visit Ahimsa Animal Welfare for articles on the meaning and origin of the Sanskrit word Ahimsa, practiced by Mahatma Gandhi. and others.

Lyrics to Ahimsa Song By U2


Ahimsa Animal Welfare

What is AHIMSA ANIMAL WELFARE? Ahimsa Animal Welfare is the philosophy of nonviolence, respect, and care for all living things. Steven Monahan founder of GPA Charities is the founder of “Ahimsa Animal Welfare” and the Ahimsa Humane Society.

Ahimsa Animal Welfare


AHIMSA PARK is the centerpiece of education and gathering place for our philosophy of non-violence. It is a gathering place for those who believe in non-violence, respect, love and care for all living things, great and small.

Ahimsa Park

The word Ahimsa is an ancient Buddhist life moral principle of nonviolence which applies to all living beings. It is a key virtue in Jainism, as well as Hinduism and Buddhism. Ahimsa is one of the cardinal virtues of Jainism, the first of the five precepts of Buddhism.

Nonviolence is an active force of the highest order. It is soul force or the power of Godhead within us. Imperfect man cannot grasp the whole of that essence – he would not be able to bear its full blaze, but even an infinitesimal fraction of it, when it becomes active within us, can work wonders.”- Mahatma Gandhi

The concept of Ahimsa extends to all living beings, and therefore, protection of environment, natural habitats and vegetarianism are its natural derivatives. Buddhism and Jainism impose total non-violence on their followers. In Hinduism, it means the principle of non-injury to living beings. Hindus, particularly in the southern parts of India, often abstain from eating meat in accordance with the belief in not harming animals. To one who reads the spirit of the Gita, it teaches the secret of nonviolence, the secret of realizing self though the physical body.

Background of Ahimsa

Ahimsa is derived from the Sanskrit verb root san, which means to kill. The form hims means “desirous to kill”; the prefix a– is a negation. So a-himsa means literally “lacking any desire to kill”. Literally translated, ahimsa means to be without harm; to be utterly harmless, not only to oneself and others, but to all living beings.

But its implications are far wider; it is more than not doing violence, it is more than an attitude, it is a whole way of life. It is the opposite of  “violence” which is to hurt the vitalities of life force, through vibration due to the passions, which agitate mind, body, or speech.

Ahimsa in Jainism

The basic elements of Gandhi’s philosophy were rooted in the Indian religions of Jainism and Buddhism. Both of these advocate ahimsa, which is “absence of the desire to kill or harm” The Acaranga Sutra, a Jain text, describes the fundamental need for non-violence: “All beings are fond of life; they like pleasure and hate pain, shun destruction and like to live, they long to live. To all, life is dear”

Mahavira threw new light on the perennial quest of the soul with the truth and discipline of ahimsa. He said: There is nothing so small and subtle as the atom nor any element as vast as space. Among the Jains, one of the greatest virtues was to show compassion and kindness to fellow living beings. The clear rule for Jain monks is that all possible care must be taken not to harm living things while walking, acting, speaking, begging, or performing excretory acts.

According to the Jain tradition, ahimsa is a great vow of compassion in body, mind and spirit. Their scriptures state: Don’t injure, abuse, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, torture, or kill any creature or living being. The Jains believe that life (which equals soul) is sacred regardless of faith, caste, race, or even species. Harm done to other beings is considered harm to oneself since it attracts much karma.

Ahimsa in Buddhism

The concept of Ahimsa is the first of five precepts or ten precepts that the Buddha taught – “do not kill.” Jesus was the most active resister known perhaps to history. His was nonviolence par excellence. Ahimsa is certainly not cowardice; it is wisdom. And wisdom is the cumulative knowledge of the existing divine laws and sacredness of things, blended together within the psyche or soul of the Hindu.

Ramana Maharishi states: You do not like to suffer yourself. How can you inflict suffering on others? Every killing is a suicide. The eternal, blissful and natural state has been smothered by this life of ignorance. In this way the present life is due to the killing of the eternal, pristine Being. Is it not a case of suicide? Tolstoy was the greatest apostle of nonviolence that the present age has produced.


The modern philosophy of AHIMSA ANIMAL WELFARE and AHIMSA PARK was founded by Steven Monahan. AHIMSA ANIMAL WELFARE is a spiritual belief. And AHIMSA PARK is a physical gathering place for those who believe in non-violence, respect, love, and care for all living things, great and small. The Vision is for AHIMSA PARKS scattered across the globe.

Steven Monahan, animal welfare philanthropist and founder of GPA have been a leader in innovative animal welfare since 2004. GPA Charities is in the top 1% of all nonprofits in America. Gold Star Rated.

One aspect of AHIMSA PARK is a no kill, nonviolence animal shelter adoption center. AHIMSA PARK is the introduction of a 21st century enlightened paradigm for animal welfare across the Globe.


Ahimsa Park

Imagine a Disney look pet park. A PETS Theme Park for sharing and celebrating the Human & Animal bond. Bringing together animal welfare, animal sheltering & adoption. And a fun events center for pet care and retail. Its name is Paws B Us.

A destination park for all things pets, parks walking trails, a no kill animal shelter. A spacious community park and retail shopping destination center. A fun and beautiful Disney feel and look on a green 10-acre destination park. A theme retail and events center for all things pets and animals.

Non-Violence, No- Kill

AHIMSA PARK will have green parks and walking meandering trails, a non-violence, no-kill animal shelter, and a full adoption center. A shelter and adoption center that respects, loves, and cares for all living things.

Also, for shopping for unique pet and animal items a myriad of locally owned pet boutiques. And for a fun day a indoor pet community center, and outdoor pet events stadium for pet owners and lovers to attend local, and national dog shows and agility events. And for those coming or staying for a couple of days a Hotel, Boarding kennels, Veterinarian facilities, Pet friendly Restaurants, National Pet Retailers, and so much more.

At AHIMSA PARK you and your companion animals can spend the day together. Enjoy pet events, pet centric restaurants, in and outdoor dining. A stay over hotel, and green space walking trails and parks.

Stop at Veterinarian offices, get shots, and wellness exams. Visit unique boutique pet and food shops. Visit dog groomers. Stop by and get a pet portrait. Maybe try pet obedience lessons. Or, dog Agility training, and events in our outdoor stadium.

Each park will have space dedicated to family-friendly activities. It will have local and National pet events at an outdoor stadium. and agility courses, and frisbee fields. And, pet owner training, and activities like hikes, dog agility teams.

All living things great & small

Close your eyes: imagine a Disney look  Ahimsa Park in your community? Perhaps  replacing a current animal shelter.

Ahimsa Parks are a bold idea. One day they will be across America, and across the Globe. A new era, a new higher consciousness in animal welfare has arrived. 

An end to euthanizing millions of healthy shelter dogs, and cats every year, day in, day out. Across the globe. Our companion animals are sentient beings that feel pain, experience life, and give us their total unconditional love. They seek only to please us and be with us. They teach us how to live happy lives. Non-violence, no-kill, respect, care, and love for all living things is the only thing that will bring happiness and peace to humanity.

The Vision is for planting AHIMSA Parks, across the globe. Non violence gathering parks, animal shelters and adoption centers. GPA has been a leader in innovative animal welfare since 2004. They are in the top 1% of all nonprofits in America. Gold Star Rated.

Our Vision

Steven’s Vision for “Ahimsa Animal Welfare” is AHIMSA PARK a place for those who believe in non-violence, respect, care for all living things, great and small. The Vision is for AHIMSA Parks, across the globe – no kill non violence animal shelters – adoption centers. GPA, Steve’s animal welfare charities has been a leader in innovative animal welfare since 2004. They are in the top 1% of all nonprofits in America. Gold Star Rated.

Ahimsa Animal Welfare