Canine Network News

Canine Network News
04/13/2022 0 Comments

Canine Network News. Daily news focusing on canine wellness and animal welfare. A part of the Canine National Network, Atlanta, Georgia. CNN – Canine Network News. The magazine features daily Wellness & Welfare articles, rescue & adoption canines available at shelters or rescue groups, food recall notices, the latest news in pet food, veterinary articles, …

New Canine National Network Announced

Canine Network News
04/05/2022 0 Comments

New Canine Magazine CNN Canine Network News. Magazine and News Studio, Focusing on Canine Wellness and Welfare.

Democracy Can no Longer be a Spectator Sport

03/19/2022 0 Comments

Democracy Can No Longer be a spectator sport or political game. Everyone must participate to bring an end to violence and create a world of peace. It is an illusion and denial of history to continue to think that the threat of violence and use of war will ever bring about peace. Yet for so …

First Pet Food Pantry Home Delivery in America

Green Pets Charities
03/12/2022 2 Comments

Green Pets America is the first Pet Food Pantry meals delivery nonprofit 501c3 in America. unique in the fact they delivery to families in need.

Dogs of Wars – Donate To Ukraine’s Dogs

Dogs of Wars
03/12/2022 0 Comments

Dogs of Wars – Donate To Ukraine’s Dogs. Please Donate to Ukraine’s Dogs. Rescue organizations like ours and others are caring for and feeding Ukranie’s dogs as best we can. As Russia intensifies its military attack on Ukraine, a Ukrainian pet food producer Kormotech continues to produce pet food for cats and dogs and is in the …

ahimsa humane society

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Rescued Animals Finally Leave Afghanistan

Update on Kabul Afghanistan Small Animal Rescue
01/30/2022 0 Comments

Update on the Kabul Afghanistan Small Animal Rescue. Over 283 dogs and cats are bound for new lives. Safe homes in Canada and the USA.

Update on Kabul Afghanistan Small Animal Rescue

Update on Kabul Afghanistan Small Animal Rescue
01/30/2022 0 Comments

Update on Kabul Afghanistan Small Animal Rescue. 283 dogs are in the air and on their way home to the US and Canada today.

Pet Meals on Wheels

11/27/2021 0 Comments

Pet Meals on Wheels. Green Pets Food Pantry, was the first nonprofit home delivery 501c3 Pet Food Pantry in America. Founded by Steven Monahan, over 21 years ago in Woodstock, Ga. Green Pets Humane Society and its various community programs are a Gold Star rated 501c3, in the top 1% of all nonprofit organizations. The …