Pandemic Pets

05/16/2021 0 Comments

Pandemic Pets for a year it has been wonderful in that most shelter pets have not been euthanized. With the pandemic, people have been working and spending most of their time at home. Many wanted a loving pet with them and went out in droves to “Rescue and Rehome” a shelter dog or cat.

Well, now that we are all getting out again those same people are going back to work and taking their new family member back to the shelter. “Pandemic Pets” are being returned to shelters and overwhelming our shelters again.

If this returning Pandemic Pets issue continues in 2021 animal shelters will once again be euthanizing dogs and cats in droves. Please do not return your pets. Please figure a way to keep them. Follow our articles on “Pandemic Pets” at and learn ways to save your new family member from being returned to the shelter and euthanized.

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