Rescued Animals Finally Leave Afghanistan

Update on Kabul Afghanistan Small Animal Rescue
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Rescued Animals Finally Leave Afghanistan. Update on the Kabul Afghanistan Small Animal Rescue

This is an update on the Kabul Afghanistan Small Animal Rescue, story we did on the shelter dogs left in Afghanistan after the US suddenly left Afghanistan, leaving American rescue group, Kabul Small Animal Rescue, along with their rescued cats dogs stranded on the airport tarmac.

Update on Kabul Afghanistan Small Animal Rescue
Update on Kabul Afghanistan Small Animal Rescue

If you recall 300 rescue shelter dogs and cats were crated and ready to be flown out on the week the US left Afghanistan. They were assembled and in cages and ready to board a giant cargo jet, that was paid for by donations from rescue groups in America, Britain, and Canada. The American SPCA was very involved as well.

Then suddenly just hours before the last American Military airplanes flew off the CDC ordered that the animals could not leave Afghanistan because they may have CODVid and had to be quarantined. This was terrible. The Afghan militia was at the fence and ready to take over the airport. No one would stop them. 

The rescue group volunteers could have flown out on the waiting jet, but they stayed. To a person, including their woman leader stayed. Looking at possible immediate death, especially the women volunteers in Taliban territory they would not abandon and leave the animals by themselves, fearing the Taliban would kill the dogs and cats. So the rescue workers and the animals stayed and the American military planes flew away.

Over the next week, the volunteers at the Kabul Small Animal Rescue nonprofit rounded up all the dogs and cats scattered by the confusion that day. They brought them back into the city of Kabul. Over 300 cats and dogs. They were now prisoners and watched every day by the Taliban.

Long story short. These past months since that chaotic day rescue groups in America, Canada, Britain, and hundreds of local animal rescue groups like Green Pets America have been doing what we can. Finally today they are free. Safe and flying to  America, landing on the west coast this Sunday.

There are deep feelings of joy and gratefulness this morning as we all watch the Giant transport airplane, animals, and rescue workers lift off the ground from Kabul, Afghanistan. Over 283 dogs and cats are bound for new lives. Safe homes in Canada and the USA.

Everyone is in awe and deep gratitude for the unselfish courage and love this group of animal rescuers showed in the very real face of death to save the lives of hundreds of sentient beings.  We thank Kabul Small Animal Rescue for all of their hard work and months of dedication caring for and getting these animals to safety.

I continue to believe in the day when all rescue animals have safe and loving homes. One day animal shelters will be a relic of a less enlightened time. Till that day animal rescue groups and animal lovers like you across the world will continue to save homeless animals … one loving soul at a time.

Steven Monahan, Executive Director

 Green Pets America Charities.

Green Pets America