“We Rescue Dogs and Save People”


The SAVE A LIFE FOUNDATION was founded in 2007 in Atlanta Georgia. We have been recognized by the State of Georgia and the City of Woodstock for helping families in financial need keep, feed and care for their family pets and for rescuing and adopting abandoned, discarded, death row shelter animals.

We started as a Pet Food Pantry serving families with companion animals. The mission was to provide pet food and veterinary care to the needy. The goal was to save companion animals and families. We wanted companion animals and families to remain together. To accomplish our foundation’s vision, we delivered wholesome pet food to families in trailer parks, rural areas, shelters and the homeless.


save a life
Save A Life

“Rescue Dogs and Save People”. We cannot save every life, but working together with compassion and organization we can SAVE A LIFE… and then another life… and then another life. We rescue death row shelter dogs and place them in loving homes. We pay for pet food and vet care for families who cannot afford to care for their beloved companion animals. We go to schools to teach school-age children how to care for and love their companion animals. We help the homeless feed and care for their companion animal.

We educate the public by the books we write, such as ART OF THE BLACK DOG and RESCUE RENEW REHOME that are for sale on Amazon books. We educate both adults and school-age children on the link between animal abuse and domestic violence, the link between good health and happiness by having a companion animal in the home and the need to love all sentient beings, human and animal.


Save A Life
Save ALife

You can SAVE A LIFE by volunteering or donating. We need help in marketing, organizing and running community events, fundraising, and social media.  We need pet food. We need transport. We need volunteers to take pet food to the homeless and families in need. We need local veterinarians to provide pro-forma vet care for sick or injured pets of the homeless or poor.

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save a life

Steve Monahan, Executive Director Founder

Website: SAVE A LIFE