Canine Network News

Canine Network News. Daily news focusing on canine wellness and animal welfare. A part of the Canine National Network, Atlanta, Georgia. CNN – Canine Network News. The magazine features daily Wellness & Welfare articles, rescue & adoption canines available at shelters or rescue groups, food recall notices, the latest news in pet food, veterinary articles,…… Continue reading Canine Network News

What is Heart Stick Euthanasia

What is Heart Stick Euthanasia. A rarely discussed article on how some shelters kill dogs and cats.

Top 10 Pet Toxins 2016

Top 10 Pet Toxins 2016 – DATELINE: CNN CANINE NETWORK NEWS, ATLANTA GA.   March is National Animal Poison Prevention Month, and we’d like to kick it off by sharing our list of Top 10 Pet Toxins, most commonly ingested by pets—and reported to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC)—in 2015. For the first time ever,…… Continue reading Top 10 Pet Toxins 2016

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