The First Nonprofit Home Delivery Pet Food Pantry in America

Green Pets Food Pantry, was the first nonprofit home delivery 501c3 Pet Food Pantry in America. Founded by Steven Monahan, over 21 years ago in Woodstock, Ga. Green Pets Humane Society and its various community programs are a Gold Star rated 501c3, in the top 1% of all nonprofit organizations.

green pets america

The Green Pets Food Pantry, first named Meals Fur Pets, was started after Steven Monahan left a successful career as a Fortune 100 corporate executive. Having just survived a terminal illness, and being grateful for his new gift of life he vowed to spend the rest of his time caring for others. The others he chose were homeless animals and families in need.


Green Pets America Charities 501c3 is in need of grants or other financial support to keep delivering pet food to families in need during these challenging COVID times. The more families companion animals we feed the fewer get surrendered to animal shelters.

green pets america

Green Pets created the first meals on wheels home delivery program for families in need: seniors, the disabled, the mentally and physically challenged, and the indigent without transportation. In the mid 90’s we worked in conjunction with Cherokee County to deliver pet food to the people the county was providing the Meals on Wheels senior food deliveries to. Our Pet Food Meals Fur Pets was the precursor to today’s Meals on Wheels pet food program.

In the late 1990’s Food Pantries did not carry pet food for the people they served. So Steve simply started one himself. The Meals Fur Wheels model was unique. In addition to having a physical building for families to come by to pick up pet food, they also delivered food to those without transportation.

A few years later Green Pets expanded its mission and added a death row shelter rescue group. Their focus was rescuing death row shelter dogs. They pulled shelter dogs on the kill list: the dogs that were not adopted and scheduled to be killed in three days. They rescued them from the local animal shelters, vetted them, trained them, moved them to safe foster homes, and then adopted them into loving homes.

Green Pets America

Today, Green Pets  has many community assistance and education programs and continues to feed pets of families in need

More than ever this community service is desperately needed. In addition to pet food they pay for emergency care, annual vet visits, provide pet nutrition, and education pet care programs in the community and middle and high schools. They have also published four books on animals, and have created, DogFoody, and FIDOS WATER, ensuring dogs are not only well-fed but get their daily water hydration while at home or out at the park.

Decades of Service

green pets america

Please donate today so we can purchase wholesome pet food for those in need

“The streets of America are crowded with too many homeless starving animals & their owners tonight”

Animal shelter statistics show that around three and a half million dogs and the same number of cats enter shelters each year. Over half were taken there by their owners. The rest were abandoned on the streets. Sadly, half those family companion animals, about three million are euthanized.

Green Pets America

We have delivered with our own trucks and volunteers since we started. Now with Covid, we are also purchasing new bags of food and shipping pet food next day delivery by Amazon Prime. This is a costly program, but in these difficult times, it is vital and necessary.

Steve Monahan is also the Licensee of TEDx Dupree Park, Atlanta, Georgia.

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