Vision of Seeding Greatness – Green Pets America Charities

Vision of Seeding Greatness – Green Pets America Charities and TEDx Dupree Park.

“Great societies grow and flourish when its elders’ plant trees they know they will never sit under”  Greek proverb

Hi, Steven Monahan here; I’m a 30-year resident of greater Atlanta Georgia. A former fortune 100 executive, Animal Welfare thought leader, and the founder of Green Pets America Charities. Now, thought leader is a fancy word, but in truth is I see myself, and each of us as farmers. Farmers who plant seeds, believing by our actions they will grow a better world for all. To achieve our vision we founded Green Pets America, whose mission is Seeding Greatness.

The theme “Seeding Greatness” means bringing people together – gathering the best ideas from across the globe and our local community, hosting thoughtful conversations, and planting amazing ideas into fertile minds, with the hope to seed a better world for us today, and our grandkids for tomorrow. One of our favorite quotes is the genesis of our vision. “Great societies grow and flourish when its elders’ plant trees they know they will never sit under. – Ancient Greek Quote

Vision of seeding greatness

Our Signature Seeding Greatness Venues for 2020 and 2021 are TEDx Dupree Park.

TEDx Dupree Park, is a two day get together of awesome people, brilliant speakers, and mind-blowing conversations.

We believe that we are all here today as the seeds of greatness planted in us at birth have awakened in these times to create a more loving, and kinder world. You feel the limitless possibilities within and seek a better society for yourself and others. Achieving the sweet spot – of internal happiness, and external success.

How the Green Pets America Foundation is Seeding Greatness

TEDx Dupree Park speakers will bring hope and inspired ideas for a vibrant new world for us all. We know we have challenges. We know that when one cannot provide for their family, a society cannot provide for its families. When one child goes hungry, all children in a connected fabric of society are hungry. When one woman is abused, a society is abused. But we also know that the seeds of greatness are in each of us, and through inspired ideas, we can, and will create a vibrant and flourishing world.

Thought Leaders from across the world present will present TEDx Talks of thoughtful and uplifting ideas to a virtual world on December 5th and 6th in 2020. We hope to also provide a Live event with 20 additional Thought Leaders in late summer 2021 in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area, COVID Guidelines allowing.

TEDx Dupree Park’s insightful and respected speakers have been curated from across the globe. They are coming from as far away as Russia to South America. From the east coast of America to the west coast of America. They have been culled from hundreds of applications, individually selected over a six-month process for their uplifting ideas and creative solutions to the challenges we all face today. They will speak to and inspire, you to awaken the seeds of greatness within you.

green pets America foundation

TEDx Dupree Park is a Volunteer nonprofit organization TEDx Dupree Park is a nonprofit volunteer endeavor. This is a community undertaking and many of the TEDx Dupree Park leadership and volunteer groups are people you know. On the day of the event, we will have spent thousands of hours and have over a hundred dedicated team professionals, volunteers and community partners and sponsors on board. Green Pets America and Seeding Greatness are the lead nonprofits underwriting this enlightening event. We are now seeking community business, corporate and individual support. We have Patron an/ d Sponsor opportunities from $750 to $15,000. Info at

Join us at TEDx Dupree Park and Seeding Greatness

 We would love to discuss this rare TEDx partnership opportunity to bring Seeds of Greatness to the world. Please let us know if you would like to schedule a quick phone chat or Zoom meeting.

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