What is Heart Stick Euthanasia

This is a seldom discussed article on Heart Stick Euthanasia. Heart stick as it is called is jamming a lethal death injection directly into a shelter animals heart. It is a frightening and painful way to kill a shelter dog. A dog the shelter does not want to keep past their arbitray holding period of usually three to seven days.

This cruel practice of killing shelter dogs without a sedative, by a long needle injection into a wide awake dog must be banned.

AHIMSA ANIMAL WELFARE brings attention to this violence against companion animals in animal shelters.

Heart Stick Euthanasia is a rarely discussed topic on how some shelter dogs, and cats are cruelly, and inhumanely killed in the US in animal shelters. We think this must be exposed, and openly be discussed and ended. That is why we are writing, What is Heart Stick Euthanasia. To disclose this inhumane program happening in some animal shelters in the US.

This is a real picture of shelter dogs who were mass euthanized. Shelters generally euthanize dogs and cats one day during the week. Over 2 million dogs and cats are euthanized yearly in America’s shelters. Millions more across the globe. Animals are sentient beings, meaning just as human animals the feel pain, sense fear, know if they are going to be harmed, and like us want to live. Mass euthanizations are the exact opposite of non violence.

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Green Pets America
What is Heart Stick Euthanasia is a rarely discussed article on how some shelters kill dogs and cats in America's animal shelters.
No dog should be unmercifully dragged to his or her death.

Background of Heart Stick Euthanization

AHIMSA Animal Welfare has been researching and educating on Heart Stick Euthanasia at America’s animal shelters for years. Heart Stick euthanasia is done by county shelters to save money. It is cheaper for the shelter to not humanely sedate the dog, but euthanize the dog in one step, with a long steel needle jabbed straight to the live, and panicked kicking dogs’ heart as the dog tries to escape the attendant’s foot or grasp.

Many times, the dog moves, and the long needle misses the heart, piercing another organ. In that case, they do it again. At times if they euthanize a group of different size and weight dogs at one time each syringe may not have enough poison in the syringe, and the dog does not die immediately, so they must kill him again.

Most believe this inhumane practice ended, but it seems to have just slithered below the national radar.  AHIMSA followers are sharing with us new examples where it’s still being done. Tennessee and Georgia are just two States we learned of this week.

If you have experience on this archaic violent practice reach out to us in confidence. Steve@GreenPetsAmerica.org 

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Green Pets America

We have found that shelters will not discuss or disclose their policies on heart stick killings. We know that Heart Stick Euthanasia is a rarely discussed subject in the US.

Help us to keep educating and writing about this inhumane procedure but we do not know how long before we may be forced to take this and other articles down.