Woofstock Food Pantry

woofstock food pantry

The streets of Heaven are too crowded with animals tonight

Steven Monahan founder Exceutive Director
WoofstockFood Pantry

“I am begging you to save an animal’s life tonight”

Right now a family is deciding if they can keep their beloved pet. They have not been able to feed them a meal for two days now. They are agonizing because they don’t want to take them to the shelter. They cannot live with the guilt of their lifelong companion and loving friend left confused, frightened, and alone in a cold cement and metal cage, and worse be euthanized in a few days, never to be with them again.

A very frightened cat needs food and his owner’s caress. An undernourished dog needs to eat tonight and remain safe in his loving home. Our animals depend on us for everything. Our pets are one of our greatest gifts in life.

“Contributing makes me feel like I’m being useful to the world.”

— Anna Wong, Volunteer
Charlotte Maxwell-Jones head of Kabul Small Animal Rescue Still in Afghanistan

Around three million dogs and the same number of cats enter shelters each year. Sadly, about two million are euthanized